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Goughnuts toys are made from 100% natural rubber and are designed by our very own engineer. The toys are molded in Los Angeles, California.

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Goughnuts Safety Guarantee - If your dog chews through the outside wear layer of any Goughnuts ring or stick, green, black, or orange, to expose the red indication layer, Goughnuts will replace your toy.  The "Chew Toy Safety Indicator" is a mechanism for the dog owner to see a clear indication of when to take the Goughnut from the dog.

Goughnuts Safety Guarantee applies to all of our products, but the rings and the sticks are the only toys that have the red indicator.  Our rings should be used for supervised power chewing.  Our stick, ball, kanolli and kup, flynut, and tug should be considered interactive play toys versus constant or power chewing.  If any of our products are damaged please follow our Safety Guarantee Policy as a mechanism to get your dog a safe undamaged Goughnut.  Sizing is very important.  Bigger dogs need bigger diameter cross sections to help eliminate scissor like chunks that are the primary reason for intestinal blockage.  Please always be conservative and present products that exceed the width of your dogs mouth. 



Please return all damaged Goughnuts to the following address with the Guarantee Form (download and print below). Please include a check for $8.00 to cover shipping back to you. If you would like a stronger, larger or different toy, please include that information on the form and include any upgrade fees with your payment for shipping. If you have any questions, please email Amy at Also, if you would prefer paying with credit card or paypal, please email Amy.

Goughnuts Inc.

217 Lois Ave.

Modesto, CA 95350

For Canadian returns please contact

For other International returns please contact Amy at

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