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It all started with a dog. An incredible dog that changed my life, Dusty.

I have always loved dogs and getting a job at a doggy daycare and kennel was a dream come true. After working there for nearly three years I decided it was time to push myself more, to start something new.

While I have always been doing training on the side I wanted to make it my full time job. This is where Pack Walks come in, I can train all the dogs while I walk them and they have loads of fun while they learn. It really is a dream come true.

I love teaching dog owners too, I love seeing the joy on their face when their dog does something new. I love seeing their shocked faces when their dog proves them wrong.

Through all of this Dusty has been by my side. She taught me to work hard and dream big. I am also extremely lucky to be surrounded by amazing family, friends and now amazing clients.

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