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Over the years of working with dogs I have been fortunate enough to learn about enrichment. It seems like the latest craze in Dog Ownership but it is actually extremely beneficial to all animals. The idea of enrichment is that it allows the animal to express natural behaviours they would in the wild or out of captivity. While out dogs may not be in a zoo or in "captivity" they are in a very strange world. Dogs have evolved to live with us and are very far from their ancestors but they still show natural traits wild animals show, like hunting, foraging and more.

Each dog chooses what the find enriching and it doesn't have to be done with toys, while food toys are great you can offer enrichment by throwing treats in the grass for them to sniff out and find. You can take them new places and allow them to sniff different things that may have strange smells. You can give them things to chew and destroy or toys to destuff.

Enrichment is not about making things too hard. It is about allowing dogs to show natural behaviours.

I have linked some cool toys that offer different kinds of enrichment.

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